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Warmblood Horses for Sale

I regret to inform that I currently have no Warmblood horses for sale. You are more than welcome to notify me as to what you're looking for as I often know of horses for sale. Alternatively, I can direct you to one of my friends or acquaintances who have Warmblood horses regularly for sale.



Expressions of Interest


Expressions of interest are invited for colt foals due at Harris Park Warmbloods during the 2017 breeding season. Filly foals to be retained.


My eleventh breeding season is underway with an AI breeding to the imported Hanoverian stallion Higgins (Imp) (Heraldik xx x For Pleasure x Grundstein I) from my AWHA Ltd Head Stud Book mare Jaybee Vegas (Vivant van de Heffinck x Athletico x Sky High). This pregnancy is an exciting showjumping or eventing prospect with the embryo containing approximately 50.98% blood. Colt foal will be for sale. Filly foal to be retained.


Unfortunately our planned breeding to Cera Charisma (Casall Ask x Carinjo x Calypso I) with Che Sara (AUS) 2004 (Filante xx x Sillery xx x Sir Tristram xx) did not eventuate as we could not get her cycling properly with a foal at foot. This breeding will be attempted again during the 2017 breeding season.


Edward (IFS) x Harris Park Florence

Higgins (Imp) x Jaybee Vegas

45 day PPT on 30 Jan 17. Due approx. 23 Nov 17.

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Price category: A.

Height category: M-L.

Studbook: eligible AWHA Ltd Stud Book Appendix.



A: $10,000 - $14,999* B: $15,000 - $19,999* C: $20,000 - $24,999* D: $25,000 - $29,999* E: > $30,000*


* Please note: all prices listed in AUD and include GST. Price categories are utilised to allow for changes in age of my foals and youngstock and progression of training being conducted.


S: < 163 cms* M: 163 cms - 167 cms* L: 168 cms - 172 cms* XL: > 173 cms*


* Please note: expected maturing height.





  • Australian Warmblood Horse Association Limited (AWHA Ltd) Stud Book registration papers;
  • AWHA Ltd Ordinary Membership*;
  • AWHA Ltd transfer of ownership paid by Harris Park Warmbloods into purchaser's name;
  • Horse Force horse sale contract (payment by installment available to approved applicants);
  • Tetanus and strangles vaccinated;
  • Radiographs of front hooves, knees, all fetlocks, hocks and stifles including associated veterinary report**;
  • Drug free guarantee and are available for pre-purchase veterinary examinations***;
  • Equestrian Australia Full Life Horse Registration including bridle numbers; and
  • DNA typed, freeze branded and microchipped with all colt foals being gelded.


Nursing foals incur no additional charges until weaned (between 4-6 months pending individual mare and foal requirements). Harris Park Warmbloods recommends that you take out horse insurance upon deposit or acquisition of your horse.


* Excludes current AWHA Ltd members. ** Horses >18 months old. *** At purchaser's expense.




Why Choose Harris Park Warmbloods

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Harris Park Warmbloods' values define how I conduct myself and my business. Having served in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) for 18 ½ years, my values align to those values that both I, and my father, served under. These values, along with my personal values, underpin the day to day management of Harris Park Warmbloods:


  • PASSION; and


MISSION STATEMENT: "To produce quality Australian Warmblood horses with amenable characters and good disposition for the Olympic disciplines of dressage, eventing and show jumping for amateurs and professionals alike."


Character and disposition are known to be inheritable qualities, so what is character and what is disposition?


CHARACTER: "The term character is about manners with people and behaviour in the stable. A good-natured horse that is accomodating on the ground and interacts with people in a friendly manner has a good character."


DISPOSITION: "Disposition, which includes rideability and trainability, is evaluated under saddle. With respect to rideability, we mean that the horse can be ridden comfortably, has a nice and light connection, and is also light and quick to the aids. With respect to trainability, we mean that the horse can be trained in a pleasant way."


The above definitions of character and disposition are quotes from Wim Versteeg, the KWPN Senior Inspector Stallion Selection (dressage and jumper horses).


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Warmblood Horses under Contract

No Warmblood horses are currently under contract with Harris Park Warmbloods.




Warmblood Horses Sold






Professional, passionate, knowledgeable, dedicated, organised, reliable and very honest, are just a few words that spring to my mind when I think of Shanna of Harris Park Warmbloods. The thoroughness of her breeding program (from choice of stallion right through to halter breaking and weaning of the foal), shows her focus and determination to produce quality riding horses that are well mannered and a pleasure to own.


Shanna shows a genuine desire to ensure that her horses go to well-suited homes. At no stage did I feel pressured to buy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for generously sharing her extensive knowledge and wish her every success in the future. I look forward to staying in touch and will continually keep her updated on Geronimo's progress. Thank you!


CHARLOTTE COX - Willow Vale, Queensland.



I am writing to let you know how delighted we are with the colt you bred, Harris Park Digby, and to give you a little progress report. Since he calmly arrived off the truck from you after that long journey, almost one year ago, all legs and ears, he has blossomed into a sturdy 16 hh of placid, curious and handsome. He is a very even tempered chap, happy to deal with our farm chaos, dogs playing and rushing past, tractors, cows, sheep, chainsaws, small squealing children who pop up in his paddock, and our farrier loves him. He is so well mannered. Always important!


He is so easygoing and we can move him from paddock to paddock with no drama at all (unlike our other silly Thoroughbreds) – easy to rug, wash, worm, lead and all those other day to day dealings that make him a pleasure in every respect. He is a credit to your great handling and early ground work.


Both my daughter and I feel he is a real privilege to have around and we want you to know how thrilled with him we are. I will try and discipline myself to send you some photos - needless to say we are looking forward to great things of him as a calm performer in the dressage arena for the future. Exciting days ahead!





I would like to take the opportunity to thank Shanna of Harris Park Warmbloods for the lovely horses she has bred, and we currently own. Her choice of stallion is what brought her to our attention and when we saw the foal, we just fell in love immediately. She kept us informed of his progress and would not let the sale go through until she was completely satisfied that he was sound and healthy. We were so impressed with Harris Park Freestyler that we bought a second horse from her, HPW Dunham RW. Registration and paperwork was completed and assessments were all done.


These horses are forming the basis for our young riding stable. We are impressed with their looks and conformation and they are truly beautiful horses. Each has a unique personality and they are a pleasure to own. We are looking forward to competing Dunham this year and Tyler the next.


These horses, and indeed all of Shanna's horses, seem to have excellent temperaments and are very well behaved whilst being handled and moved; a testament to their early handling and groundwork and the dedication, time and effort that Shanna puts into all her horses. We thank her for the wonderful work she has done with breeding and look forward to a long friendship and association with her in the future.




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