Harris Park Escala

Harris Park Escala (Edward x Floriscount x Stirling Luther). 61 07 702 500 16 (AWHA Ltd).

Stable name: Ellie

Chestnut filly, born 03 December 2016, mature approximately 16.2 hh - 168 cms.

Breeder: Shanna Antrim - Harris Park Warmbloods.


Harris Park Escala

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Harris Park Escala is currently being retained as a broodmare prospect. Once she has produced two filly foals for Harris Park Warmbloods she will be for sale to a competitive dressage / eventing home.


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HPW Quaser RW (ET)

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PEDIGREE: Harris Park Escala (Edward x Floriscount x Stirling Luther).

DNA: Full Parentage Verification.

Registered: AWHA Ltd Stud Book Appendix.


Harris Park Escala

61 07 702 500 16




Edward (IFS)

DE 431 31 14063 05

Embassy I Escudo I
St.Pr.St. Sammy Jo
St.Pr.St. Fabienne Fabriano
St.Pr.St. Schneekönigin

Harris Park Florence

61 07 702 193 11 SB

Floriscount (IFS) Florencio I
El.St. Arkona
Misty Isle Lafayette Stirling Luther

Validate (Dec)



:: Family: 15d :: Taproot: Kissimmee (GB) 1923 ::


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Harris Park Escala's Progeny

Reg. No.
Harris Park 'V' XXXXX20 TBA TBA Valentino (IFS) Harris Park Warmbloods

Kinnordy Winona's Progeny



Edward (IFS)


Quando-Quando (Imp)Edward (IFS) (Embassy I x Fabriano x Singular Joter I), is the youngest representative from the Espri line that has just come into the picture. He has brilliant basic paces and fantastic free-jumping qualities as well as outstanding rideability according to the extraneous rider at his Stallion Performance Test who gave him 3 times 10 points. This resulted in the highest total index of 140.08 points overall.


Edward is a stallion with outstanding type and he has a special magic and all round potential. He has inherited his jumping ability through his sire Embassy I (Escudo I x Silvio I x Calypso II) and it is also manifested through the great grandsire's Singlular Joter I x Gotthard x Servus on the damline. On top of this there is the high inherited dressage ability which gave him an overall score of 142.93 points at his Stallion Performance Test.


Edward has inherited the rideability and the talent for both disciplines that the E-bloodline is renown for. His canter is hard to beat in particular. He maintains an active back over the fences and he takes off with a lot of scope. He is true to type with well-shaped conformation and a harmonious tripartite division. His personality as regards eagerness to perform, ability to learn and rideability are beyond compare. Individual scores at performance test: 8.0 character, 9.0 temperament, 8.04 trot, 8.68 canter, 7.23 walk, 9.0 rideability, 8.03 free jumping, 8.25 show jumping and 8.33 cross country.


HLP 2008: 140.08/ H/38 ; DI 142.93/ H ; SI 120.72/ H.

Breeding Index Scores: Dressage (139) Jumping (146). Riding Type (113) Conformation (101). Dressage (106) Jumping (135).


Learn more about Edward (IFS) (Embassy I x Fabriano x Singular Joter I).


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Landgestüt Celle


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