HPW Dunham RW (ET)

SOLD: HPW Dunham RW (ET) (Diamond Hit x Donnerschwee x Sandro Hit). 61 07 702 257 12 (AWHA Ltd).

Stable name: Dunham

Dark brown gelding, born 25 December 2012, 16.3 hh - 170.18 cms.

Breeder: Shanna Antrim - Harris Park Warmbloods.


HPW Dunham RW (ET)

HPW Dunham RW (ET) (Diamond Hit x Donnerschwee x Sandro Hit) is an Australian Warmblood gelding bred by Shanna Antrim of Harris Park Warmbloods via Revelwood Warmblood Stud's 'Designer Foal' program. Pictured left: Dunham under owner-rider Mikala Thomas at D&JWTS held at WPNEC on 25 March 2017. Photo: Angie Rickard Photography ©


In 2013, Harris Park Warmbloods presented HPW Dunham RW (ET) in the ACE Group Assessment Tour. Although unwell at the time, he was awarded Premium with a score of 79.75% (78.00% for conformation and 81.50% for movement) with an individual score of 9 for his canter. Comments from Gerd Kuest included, "Very elastic uphill colt. Stallion prospect." A month later, Dunham took part in the TA Inc. and AWHA Ltd 2013 National Assessment Tour scoring 79.28%. The overall impression from Matthias Werner and Silvia Ahamer included, "Typey colt with harmonious body and topline. Special trot and canter, are modern and ground covering".


Dunham's half brother, HPW Emmett RW (ET) (Everdale x Donnerschwee x Sandro Hit) is being retained by Harris Park Warmbloods as a stallion prospect. Emmett did extremely well on the AWHA Ltd 2015 National Assessment Tour, receiving a number of lovely broad sashes and ribbons. Emmett was 3rd Highest Studbook Led in Australia, Highest Percentage Studbook Led in Queensland, 2nd Highest Percentage Open Led Australia Wide and also won both his classes (Class 1 - Studbook Led Weanling Male and Class 47 - Open Led Weanling Male). He was one of only four horses Australia wide over all ages and divisions to score over 90.00%!


Dunham's half sister, Pr.M. Revelwood Amaretta (Ampère x Donnerschwee x Sandro Hit), with owner-rider David Shoobridge, was the Best Hanoverian on Tour - 4yo Premium Mare. She was also the winner of the Mare Performance Test for 2015 and the winner of the Dressage phase of the MPT. In 2014, this duo placed first in the First Round of the 4 Year Old Young Horse class at the Saddleworld Dressage Festival on 7.56 points. They went on to take second place in the Final Round on 7.38 points and subsequently were the 4 Year Old Reserve Champions! As a youngster, Amaretta was a Top 10 Foal on the 2011 HHSA Tour. "110 foals were presented for registration. ... A filly by Ampère x Donnerschwee finished in a close second position. David Shoobridge from Revelwood bred this elegant filly, which impressed with her elastic trot movement." Excerpt from the June-July 2011 HHSA newsletter.


Dunham comes from a successful dam line with an equally successful sire line tracing back to the immortal Donnerhall (Donnerwetter x Markus x Carnot). He has a double cross to Donnerhall (3 x 3 removes) as well as a double cross to Elite Mare Loretta (2 x 4 removes), who sired the well known and respected stallions Diamond Hit (Blue Hors Don Schufro x Ramino x Welt As), Royal Hit (Imp/Dec) (Royal Dance x Ramino x Welt As) and Sandro Hit (Sandro Song x Ramino x Welt As).


HPW Dunham RW (ET) has been sold to Mikala Thomas of Lismore, New South Wales. He has found a wonderful home with Mikala and Harris Park Warmbloods wish them all the best in their future competition career together!


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YouTubeView HPW Dunham RW (ET) at the Darling Downs Young Dressage Horse Qualifier.


HPW Dunham RW

Image 1 : Darling Downs 4YO YH Toowoomba :: Image 2 : HHSA 4YO YH Gatton :: Images 3-4 : 4YO YH PRARG



PEDIGREE: HPW Dunham RW (ET) (Diamond Hit x Donnerschwee x Sandro Hit).

DNA: Full Parentage Verification.

Registered: AWHA Ltd Stud Book Appendix.


HPW Dunham RW (ET)

61 07 702 257 12

EA No: 60004181 (6244)



Diamond Hit (IFS)

DE 333 33 02844 97

Blue Hors Don Schufro Donnerhall
El.St. Loretta Ramino

V.Pr.St. Karmelita (Imp)
(Revelwood Daylite)

DE 433 330 246 505

Donnerschwee Donnerhall
St.Pr./El.St. Weltwunder

St.Pr./El.St. Kronjuwel

Sandro Hit

St.Pr.St. Karina (by Karon)



(Sedalia, Hannover Stutenstamm 2191509 (Schridde 33))


View expanded pedigree of HPW Dunham RW (ET).



Diamond Hit (IFS)


Diamond Hit (IFS)Bred by Reinhold Harder of Bramsche, Germany, Diamond Hit was born in 1997. He was licensed in Oldenburg, Germany, in November 1999, completing his 30 Day Stallion Performance Test (HLP) in Vechta, Germany, in November 2000. He placed third overall with 8.73 points (3/27). His dressage index was 8.73 points (?/27) and his jumping index was 8.3 (?/27). Pictured left: Diamond Hit under saddle with Emma Hindle (GBR). Photo: Arnd Bronkhorst Horse Photography ©.


In 2002, Diamond Hit became the Vice World Champion as well as Vice Bundeschampion of five year old dressage horses. A year earlier he had taken the Vice State Champion and Vice Bundeschampion title for four year old stallions. At the 2001 Bundeschampionat he received an award from the German Department of Agriculture as the best licensed and performance tested stallion. Meanwhile, he has been successful up to Advanced class of international level with Emma Hindle (GBR). Under Emma Hindle he placed in the Grand Prix of Aachen, Wiesbaden and Stadl Paura in Austria. Also in Austria, at a show in Fritzens, he took second and third place in the Small Tour and also placed up front in Wiesbaden. In 2007, he finished second in the Grand Prix tour of Stadl Paura.


Diamond Hit's son Donavan (Diamond Hit x Consul x Anduc) became the 2005 Bundeschampion of four year old stallions in Warendorf and in 2006 he took the Vice Bundeschampion title in the class for five year old dressage horses. Diamond Hit's daughter Loxana (Diamond Hit x Argentinus x Larinero) won the Oldenburg Verband's Elite Broodmare show in Rastede, in which ten of his daughters alone were awarded State Premium candidate status. Diamantenbörse (Diamond Hit x Rubinstein I x Furioso II) took the State Champion title in the class for three year old riding horses at the same venue. Both of them enhanced the Vechta Elite Auction in the autumn of 2005 and sold for high prices. The number of his sons that have been licensed has meanwhile increased to forty two (as of 31 Oct 11). In 2005 he received the coveted VTV Dressage Stallion of the Year award at the Oldenburger Stallion Performance Test. According to his own performance record and the achievements of his offspring, Diamond Hit ranks in eleventh place among all sires throughout Germany in the FN's estimated breeding values statistics in 2008.


Diamond Hit's origin already predetermines him as a top sire. His father Don Schufro (Donnerhall x Pik Bube I x Unkenruf) now ranks second in the breeding evaluation (index 171) according to the national breeding value assessment. Don Schufro comes from the highly esteemed Vornholz Kebandina line, making his debut in breeding in Oldenburg where his son Diamond Hit, a Premium Stallion and Vice Bundeschampion, was a sensation. Don Schufro then moved to Denmark where he was ridden first by Lars Pedersen and then with Andreas Helgstrand, taking the hurdle to the international dressage stage.


Above all, Diamond Hit's mother Loretta, who he shares with Sandro Hit, added special recommendations to the pedigree. She first produced Sandro Hit (Sandro Song x Ramino x Welt As), then Diamond Hit (Don Schufro x Ramino x Welt As) and finally Royal Hit (Imp) (Royal Dance x Ramino x Welt As), making her probably the most influential Oldenburg mare of her generation. She also produced Sandro Hit's full sister St. Pr. St. La Traviata, who presented a top foal at the elite auction in Vechta in the autumn of 1999 called Really Hitlike (? x Sandro Song x Ramino). This line produced various auction horses and foals. Loretta's sire Ramino (Ramiro Z x Dominik x Gospodin) who was the Italian show jumping champion five times as well as Welt As (Weltmeister x Furioso II x Miracolo xx), the next link in the pedigree, have become performance makers of world renown. Diamond Hit's dam sire Ramino (Ramiro x Dominik x Gospodin) was the five time Italian Show Jumping Champion, with Diamond Hit's dam dam sire Welt As (Weltmeister x Furioso II x Miracolo xx) completing his pedigree and genetically secured his performance potential.


After being successful with Emma Hindle up to Grand Prix level, Diamond Hit should still have some sport highlights to come. He qualified for the Olympic Games in 2008 and has 16 wins and placings at Grand Prix. As of 31 Oct 11, he has forty two Approved son and fifteen State Premium daughters. His current dressage index of 156 (FN breeding value assessment 2010) underlines his worth as a breeder in an impressive way.


Learn more about Diamond Hit (IFS) (Don Schufo x Ramino x Welt As).


YouTubeView Diamond Hit under saddle.



V.Pr.St. Karmelita (Imp)


Vb. Pr. St. KarmelitaDam: Liver Chestnut 17hh 2005 Warmblood Mare, Sire: Donnerschwee, Dam: St.Pr.St. Kronjuwel, Stunning type of mare with super paces, Verband Premium Mare, Amazing temperament, In foal to Ampere due Nov 2010.


She was imported in 2008 with the intention of becoming a top riding prospect however due to injury in quarantine, she was not sound enough to continue under saddle. Daylite stems from a family of State Premium Mares and is herself a Verband Premium Mare.


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V.Pr.St. Karmelita's (Revelwood Daylite) Progeny

Reg. No.
RW Reflection (ET)
Rasputin (IFS)
Emma Youngman
RW Fleur (ET)
Fidertanz (IFS)
Abbie O'Brien
RW Lacoste (ET)
Lord Loxley (IFS)
Cheryl Ludlow
Pr.M. RW Amaretta (Amber)
Ampère (IFS)
David Shoobridge
RW Heffner (Herbert)
HPW Dunham RW (ET)
61 07 702 257 12
Mikala Thomas
RW Orlando
Revelwood Stud
RW Nelson
Negro (IFS)
HPW Emmett RW (ET)
61 07 702 454 15
Everdale (IFS)
Harris Park Warmbloods
Revelwood Stud
Belissimo M NRW (IFS)
Revelwood Stud



Donnerhall (Dec)


Donnerhall (Dec)Sire's Sire: When a colt by Donnerwetter out of Ninette by Markus-Carnot was born at Otto Gärtner's stud farm in Wenstein, Holstein on the 30th of May 1981, no-one could have imagined that the dark chestnut who was later christened Donnerhall, would one day stage a triumphant march through the equestrian world like no stallion before him. What's more, no other stallion has ever come close to achieving what the chocolate coloured chestnut Donnerhall managed in such a convincing manner, namely, the symbiosis of the dual qualities of being a successful competition sports horse and on the other hand being a top grade breeding horse. It was undoubtedly an encounter determined by destiny, that Donnerhall grew up on the memorable Otto Schulte-Frohlinde's Grönwoldhof studfarm.


On the occasion of the 1983 Oldenburg approval, the then still somewhat lean chestnut with the handsome blaze made a relatively unspectacular appearance. It did not take long however, until he had his first triumph. One year later, Donnerhall absolved his stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf as vice-champion with a score of in excess of 130 points, exceeding all fellow contenders in the field of rideability, scoring 9.5. From that time onwards, Herbert and Karin Rehbein took over the training of Donnerhall, who proved to be a model student. Everything fitted together perfectly: Donnerhall's preparedness to perform, his rideability and first class basic gaits virtually predestined him for an international career in the dressage arena. In 1986 he was again in the limelight, becoming champion stallion of the DLG show in Hanover.


His following appearance under Karin Rehbein, who danced through the arena with him remains unforgotten until this day. In next to no time, Donnerhall and Karin Rehbein established themselves in the upper echelons of the dressage sport, easily managing the jump into the difficult advanced class. This was followed by high placements and wins in Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special and optional Grand Prix events. In 1994, Donnerhall had not only already gained an outstanding reputation for himself as an exceptional sire through his approved sons, highly decorated daughters and numerous competition sports horses, but also returned home from the World Championships in the Hague with team gold and individual bronze medals, which he secured for himself following a fascinating freestyle performance. Then at the 1997 European Championship in Verden, Karin Rehbein and Donnerhall once again belonged to the golden team and won an additional individual bronze medal. Donnerhall was awarded Oldenburger Stallion of the Year in 1997 and 1998.


At the 1998 World Championships in Rome, Karin Rehbein and the meanwhile 17-year old stallion were once more part of the German gold medal team and gained an excellent fourth place in the individual rating. His sporting successes, substantiated by his life winnings of around DM 640,000 are no less significant than his importance as a hereditary transmitter. As of 2001, his breeding tally includes 77 approved sons, while of the more than 450 registered mares, 84 were awarded the state premium, including the champion mares Primavera and Hallo. Donnerhall's last public appearance under his rider Karin Rehbein at the gala evening of the 1998 Oldenburg approval, where children with lanterns formed a narrow passage through which Donnerhall strode magnificently, remains a warm and unforgettable memory.



Sandro Hit


Sandro HitGrand Sire: Sandro Hit (IFS) (Sandro Song x Ramino x Welt As) was the National Young Horse Champion and Young Dressage World Champion. Sandro Hit was licensed in Neumünster, Germany in 1993. In 1999, Sandro Hit was the six year old Dressage Horse World Champion and winner at the German Federal Championships in Warendorf, Germany. In 2000, Sandro Hit was Best Young Stallion 2000. Pictured left: Sandro Hit under saddle with his former rider Dr Ulf Möller at Paul Schockemöhle's stallion show in 2006. Photo: Kiki Beelitz ©.


Sandro Hit has to date, presented more than seventy approved sons, including the champion stallion Sandrit (Sandro Hit x Mistral II x Duett). Sandrit was the 1999 Approval Winner in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-Pomerania. Other Sandro Hit sons include Sir Willson (Sandro Hit x Canaster I x Cosinus B) Zuchtverband fur deutsche Pferde (ZfDP) Champion Stallion of 2002, Stedinger (Sandro Hit x Landadel x Futuro) winner of the 2002 Oldenburg Stallion Days and Samba Hit II (Sandro Hit x Brentano II x Gotland) (Brandenburg 2004). Sommerhit (Sandro Hit x Fruhlingsbote x Adept) was runner-up in Berlin-Brandenburg and Sandro Ace (Sandro Hit x Feinbrand x Camden Town xx) became vice-champion in Oldenburg.


Sandro Hit had as many as ten licensed sons from his first foaling year and his daughter Poetin (Sandro Hit x Brentano II x Gotland) was two-time Young Horse World Champion and Young Horse National Champion. Poetin sold for a record price of 2.5 million €. Sandro Hit has the highest sire index of 153 points in Germany, with 88% predictability in his descendant's performance.


Sandro Hit's sire, Sandro Song (Sandro x Gepard x Adlerorden) was Oldenburger Champion Young Stallion and Main Premium Champion. Sandro Hit's dam Elite Stute Loretta (Ramino x Welt As x Luciano) produced the Reserve World Champion and Reserve German Young Horse Champion Diamond Hit and the premium stallion Royal Hit (Imp) (Royal Dance x Ramino x Welt As). Her sire Ramino (Ramiro x Domink x Gospodin) was Stallion Performance Test Champion and later on five times Italian Champion.


Ramino was the winner of the 1983 stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf. He was the second Reserve Champion at the Oldenburg Main Premium. In 1987, with Melanie Kötter, Ramino helped secure team gold medal at the European Championships for juniors in jumping. The years 1989-1995 with Loris Pujatti, he was five-time Italian Champion. Ramino has won many firsts and high placings in Nation's Prizes and Grand Prix. Ramino's sire Ramiro (Raimond x Cottage Son xx x Logenschliesser), was a legendary sire and jumper. Ramino's dam Dom Buche (Dominik x Gospodin x Hadrian) was a successful show jumper. Ramino was Dom Buche's third approved son in a row.


Euro Dressage - Sandro Hit euphoria at one of the best Oldenburg stallion licensings ever (2006 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing).


Sandro Hit (IFS) (Sandro Song x Ramino x Welt As) is available to Australian Warmblood breeders via frozen semen through International Horse Breeders (IHB) from Deckstation Paul Schockemöhle in Mühlen, Germany.




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