Harris Park Florence

Harris Park Florence (Floriscount x Stirling Luther x Valuta). 61 07 702 193 11 SB (AWHA Ltd).

Chestnut mare, born 07 October 2011, 16.0 hh - 163 cms.

Breeder: Shanna Antrim - Harris Park Warmbloods.


Harris Park Florence

Harris Park Florence is an Australian Warmblood mare bred by Shanna Antrim of Harris Park Warmbloods. Born on the 07 October 2011, she is the first frozen semen foal bred by me.


On Wednesday the 15th of February, 2012, Harris Park Warmbloods presented Harris Park Florence at the annual Australian Continental Equestrian (ACE) Group Conformation and Movement Assessment. Florence was awarded Elite with an overall score of 81.75%. She obtained 9 for her type and canter, receiving 84.00% for conformation and 79.50% for movement. Florence placed =14th out of 169 foals assessed. Comments by Tönne Böckmann included, "Very nice type with good conformation, great canter, good swinging movements." Harris Park Warmbloods would like to thank Alex from the ACE Group and Tönne Böckmann for taking the time to visit Australia.


Harris Park Florence was classified by Diana Wolyncevic and Bev Edwards on 25 October 2014 and is now designated Main Stud Book with the Australian Warmblood Horse Assocation Limited (AWHA Ltd). Florence was lightly started by Fred Watkins of Watkins Horse Handlers in October-November 2017 as a six year old and has returned home to be put in foal.


Harris Park Florence is a ½ sister to Harris Park Malmö (Dec) (Magritte x Stirling Luther x Valuta), Harris Park Salienta (Smash Hit x Stirling Luther x Valuta) and Harris Park Répertoire (Riverside x Stirling Luther x Valuta). She is the last foal bred from our AWHA Ltd Warmblood Foundation Mare Misty Isle Lafayette (Stirling Luther x Valuta x Whistling Ghost xx).


Harris Park Florence is being retained as a broodmare and competition prospect.


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Harris Park Florence


PEDIGREE: Harris Park Florence (Floriscount x Stirling Luther x Valuta). (DNA full parentage verification).

Registered: Australian Warmblood Horse Association Limited (AWHA Ltd) Main Stud Book.


Harris Park Florence

61 07 702 193 11 SB




Floriscount (IFS)

DE 433 330 4633 05

Florencio I

Florestan I


El.St. Arkona Donnerhall
St.Pr.El.St. Arwaldis

Misty Isle Lafayette

61 07 702 006 93 WFM

Stirling Luther

Ludendorf (Imp)


Valuta (Imp)
Helmond xx



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Harris Park Florence's Progeny

Reg. No.
Harris Park Escala 03DEC16 Female 61 07 702 500 16 Edward (IFS) Harris Park Warmbloods
Harris Park TBA XXXXX18 TBA TBA TBA Harris Park Warmbloods

Kinnordy Winona's Progeny



Floriscount (IFS)


Floriscount (IFS)Sire: Floriscount (IFS) (Florencio I x Donnerhall x Walldorf I), born on the 25 April 2005, bred by Andrea and Clemens Merveldt (Graf von Merfeldt) of Gut Füchtel, Vechta, Germany. He is currently standing at Hengststation Böckmann in Lastrup, Germany, and is also available through the Celle State Stud. He is licensed for Oldenburg, Hanover, Rhineland, Westphalia and all southern German breeding associations. Pictured left: Floriscount under saddle with breeder-owner Clemens von Merveldt. Photo: Kiki Beelitz ©.


Floriscount was the winner of the dressage section of his seventy day Stallion Performance Test (HLP) at Schlieckau, Germany, from September to November in 2008 on 147.49 points and second overall with 128.80 points (2/39). He received a score of 10.0 from both test riders also scoring 8.38 for walk, 9.0 for trot and 10.0 for canter. Floriscount unites type, size and presence with outstanding rideability and temperament as well as excellent gaits and he passes on all of these traits to his offspring. Right from the beginning, Floriscount was one of the most popular young stallions during his first breeding season in 2009 for Hannover and Oldenburg. Harris Park Florence is from Floriscount's second Australian foal crop.


In April, 2010, Gut Füchtel held a successful open day where they presented more than twenty five foals from Floriscount's first foal crop to more than eighteen hundred visitors and interested breeders. The judges Uwe Heckmann, Hans Heinrich Brüning and Jens Meyer were impressed by the quality and type of his offspring and selected four foals for the Oldenburg and Hanoverian Elite auctions. During 2011, Floriscount produced the champion foal (Floriscount x Sunny Boy x ?) at the Hagen Foal Selection Show as well as being a stand out sire during the 2011 German Foal Selection Shows. In August of 2011, auction foals and show winners all over the country made Floriscount more famous and therefore he had the second largest crop of foals in the Verden Elite auction.


At the Verden Elite Foal Auction during August, 2011, Firework (Floriscount x Lauries Crusador xx x Wolkentanz I), bred by Erika Lütjen from Grasberg, Germany, fetched the highest price with 24.000 €. Floriscount had the largest crop of foals in this Elite auction with twenty one offspring in the catalogue. Future Ace (Floriscount x Dormello x Silvio I), bred by Ann Kitchel, was selected for the Elite auction in Vechta during October, 2011. Future Ace is the full brother to Future Star who was the highest priced colt at the 48th Summer Mixed Sales of Oldenburg sport horses in Vechta, Germany, in 2010. Future Star was sold to Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff.


Floriscount's dam El.St. Arkona (Donnerhall x Walldorf I x Tin Rocco) has produced six colts. To date, four of these colts are licensed including Floriscount's full brothers Florimax (sold to Tony and Sarah Pidgley of Kilbees Farm Stud in Great Britain for 45,000 € at the 2007 Vechta Foal Auction) and Floriscount II (who became licensed and received the Premium Award at the Mecklenburg stallion day at Redefin in 2009), as well as the Premium Stallion Sandakan (Sandro Hit x Donnerhall x Walldorf I) who has already produced outstanding offspring at Flyinge, the National Stud of Sweden.


In July, 2010, Floriscount qualified for the Bundeschampionate in Warendorf, Germany, in September, 2010, at the Vlotho-Exter show. He finished in third place (3/22) with owner-rider Clemens von Merveldt on 8.0 points in the five year old division. Source: Euro Dressage. Due to his intense breeding season, Floriscount did not attend the finals in September although he did place in numerous elementary (L) level tests for young dressage horses throughout the year. On 14 May, 2011, Floriscount qualified for the Bundeschampionate in Warendorf, Germany, for a second time. It was his second show during 2011 where he won the warm up with a breathtaking round with 81.00%. On the Saturday he received 82.00% and was third overall, qualifying with Markus Gribbe.


Since October, 2010, Grand Prix trainer and rider Markus Gribbe has continued with Floriscount's training along with his breeder-owner Clemens von Merveldt. In January, 2011, Floriscount had his first start in the six year old FEI classes with Markus Gribbe with an overall score of 79.00%.


YouTubeView Floriscount in HV Celle in Rulle, 21 February, 2009. View Gut Füchtel presenting Floriscount. Stallion Show in Luhmühlen, 03 March, 2011.



Florencio I


Florencio ISire: Florencio I (Florestan I x Weltmeyer x Pik Bube II), is a 17hh chestnut Oldenburg stallion. He was born on 28 Apr 05. Florencio I is accepted for Oldenburg, Hannover, Westphalia, Rhineland and all German southern breedings associations. Pictured left: Florencio I under saddle with rider Hans Peter Minderhound in Verden, Germany, in 2005. Photo: Kiki Beelitz ©.


A gorgeous, amazing moving sire of first class standard. In 2010 Florencio achieved such highlights as being the sire of the Oldenburger reserve champion stallion, the licensed stallion that was auctioned in Verden for 155,000 € as well as the phenomenal KWPN stallion Chameur, who won the stallion performance testing in Ermelo and was awarded the marks of 9.0 five times. Borencio won the Pavo-Cup with scores of 9.0 and 10.0 from the test riders. Seven daughters qualified for the prestigious show in Rastede making him the most popular sire - three of them made it to the finals. Nine offspring qualified for the German Championships for young horses, 25,000 was the price for a filly at the Verden auction. Altogether to date, there are over 34 licensed stallions and over 20 States premium mares. Also belonging to the long list of successful offspring are Hannover's reserve champion stallion, stallion performance testing winner and German young horse championship qualified Fürst Nymphenburg, who sold for 310,000 €. 260,000 € was the price of a Florencio son at the PSI auction in 2008. As winner of the Dressage index of Schlieckau in 2008, Floriscount was awarded 10.0 for rideability - his full brother was licensed in 2009 in Redefin. The Florencio son Fabregas was reserve champion of the dressage index at the 70-day testing in Adelheidsdorf. Whether it's the reserve champion stallion Fackeltanz, reserve national championess Alice, Westfalen medal winner Florenciano or the finalist at the German foal championships: Florencio's ability to produce top quality offspring shines through. A one of a kind stallion who passes his great genes on to his offspring. The sire Florestan I is responsible for over 88 approved sons - his offspring have already earned over 1.6 million € in sport and 137 alone are successful at S-level. Florencio went down in history as he was the two-time winner of the World Championships for young horses, won the VHO trophy in 2008 at Prix St. Georges level and was successful in 2009 at CHIO Aachen. He has 152 points on the Dressage breeding index.


World young dresuurpaarden 5 and 6 year olds. Florencio is an incredible beauty, with natural, light-footed, uphill movements, a revelation to every dressage lover. Florencio's pedigree consists of the best breeding stallions Westphalia and Hannover pedigree, within the KWPN for the necessary blood distribution can provide. Florencio completed his performance test in Zweibrücken a sample score for the dressage elements. In Germany at various herd approved sons. Florencio with success at small tour level. Winner from the VHO Trophy tijdems Stallion Den Bosch in 2008. Performance Florencio 2009: VHO Trophy Winner Stallion Den Bosch. Performance offspring: Romeo (MV Jazz) approved and Spring Champion of KWPN 


Florencio - KWPN, Westfalen, Oldenburg, NRPS, Hanover, AES, Sweden Brown - born: 1999 - height: 168 cm Florencio is undoubtedly an asset for the dressage breeding. His unbelievable beauty, coupled with his naturally light-footed, uphill movements makes him a revelation to every dressage lover. Florencio is a stallion of the highest dressage breeding stallions in Westphalia and Hanover that the necessary blood and expression in the dressage breeding. Father Florestan I is the ambassador of the Westphalian dressage pedigree par excellence, with several approved sons such as Fidermark, Fleurop, Furst Hein Reich, favor, Neostan, Flores, Freestyle and Flieder. Weltmeyer is one of the most famous breeding stallions in Hannover with countless approved sons and in dressage. Further in Florencio?'s Pedigree we find the famous dressage stallion Pik Bube against. All in all, the dressage genes are very firmly anchored in Florencio. Florencio completed his performance test in Zweibrucken and earned a monstrous score for the dressage elements: Character: 8.5, Step: 10, Trot: 8.2, 9.2 canter, rideability: 9.5 to 7.8 jump. In 2003, Florencio was very successful with Simon Dropp. Florencio was Reserve Champion in all of Germany at the prestigious' Bundeschampionaat 2003. Furthermore he was Overall Champion of all four year olds in Westphalia. Florencio continued in the stallion competition in 2003 with Hans-Peter Minderhoud a fantastic performance, with high placings in Zuidbroek, Weert and Goes. The first foals of Florencio were born in 2002. They are lined and great riding type foals with lots of character and very good movements in both trot and gallop. In 2004, Florencio World Champion in dressage horses in Verden with the highest score ever: 9.80. Florencio was in 2005 for the second time World Champion Dressage!


Hans Peter Minderhound. dfghdfgh



Donnerhall (Dec)


Donnerhall (Dec)Sire's Sire: Fidermark Cras et magna quis risus malesuada vestibulum. Suspendisse potenti. Proin tristique aliquet consequat. Pellentesque et metus quis nisi porta rhoncus. Ut erat arcu, congue eu consequat sed, pellentesque eget tellus. Praesent odio erat, mattis id elementum et, suscipit tempor erat.


Cras et magna quis risus malesuada vestibulum. Suspendisse potenti. Proin tristique aliquet consequat. Pellentesque et metus quis nisi porta rhoncus. Ut erat arcu, congue eu consequat sed, pellentesque eget tellus. Praesent odio erat, mattis id elementum et, suscipit tempor erat.


Cras et magna quis risus malesuada vestibulum. Suspendisse potenti. Proin tristique aliquet consequat. Pellentesque et metus quis nisi porta rhoncus. Ut erat arcu, congue eu consequat sed, pellentesque eget tellus. Praesent odio erat, mattis id elementum et, suscipit tempor erat.




Gut Füchtel

Hannoveraner Verband

Hengststation Böckmann

Landgestüt Celle

Ludwig Kathmann


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