Kinnordy Geronimo

Kinnordy Geronimo (Gymnastik Star x Winterkönig x Daktylus). 036012 01-0926-011 (HHSA).

Dark brown gelding, born 03 January 2011, 18.0 hh - 182.88 cms.

Breeder: Holger and Melanie Schmorl - Kinnordy Stud (purchased in-utero by Harris Park Warmbloods).


Kinnordy GeronimoKinnordy Geronimo is a brown Australian Warmblood gelding born in the early hours on 03 January 2011. He was purchased in-utero from breeders Holger and Melanie Schmorl of Kinnordy Stud by Harris Park Warmbloods. He is out of Kinnordy Winona (Dec) (Winterkönig x Daktylus x Goldstein), a black Australian Warmblood mare also bred by Kinnordy Stud whom was purchased by Harris Park Warmbloods in October 2010. Pictured left: owner-rider Charlotte Cox aboard Kinnordy Geronimo on 29 April 2017 at the Cedar Grove & District Riding Club (CGDRC) Internal Dressage Day where the pair won the Prelimary 1.1 dressage class with 68.636%. Photo: Sue Crockett Photography ©


Kinnordy Geronimo participated in the 2011 Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia (HHSA) Tour with German classifier Gerhard Senckenberg on 27 February, 2011, at Remi Stud. Comments by Gerhard included, "Very good type and conformation especially very good joints. Trot is nice swinging. Very good ground covering walk." Geronimo received scores of 8.5 for type and conformation, 7.5 for trot and 8.5 for walk, with an overall score of 8.17 points.


Kinnordy Geronimo's dam, Kinnordy Winona is from the family of the imported Hanoverian mare Gina (Imp) (Goldstein x Pik König x Abhang II) who produced the Hanoverian licensed stallion and Grand Prix showjumper Kinnordy D'Artagnan (Daktylus x Goldstein x Pik König), Pr.M. Dianadorata (Daktylus x Goldstein x Pik König), Pr.M. Kinnordy Waldrun (Winterkönig x Goldstein x Pik König) as well as the New South Wales State Dressage Champion Dorfschoene (Daktylus x Goldstein x Pik König). Kinnordy Geronimo is a full brother to Kinnordy Gazala (Gymnastik Star x Winterkönig x Daktylus) and Kinnordy Geraldine (Gymnastik Star x Winterkönig x Daktylus).


Gotthard appears three times throughout Kinnordy Geronimo's pedigree, through Gloriose (Gotthard x Sermon x Abendland) and Glücksstern (Gardestern I x Wendekreis x Wiesenbaum xx) on his sire line, and through Goldstein (Gotthard x Steinpilz xx x Winkel) on his dam line. He has a double cross to Wendekreis through Wiesenfreude (Wendekreis x Wiesenbaum xx x Einglas) and Werther (Wendekreis x Marcio xx x Dolman) on his sire line.


Wendekreis is the sire of the Hanoverian stallion Werther who was the first stallion honoured by the title "Hanoverian Stallion of the Year" in 1992, which he earned by siring exceptional offspring in both dressage and jumping. Wendekreis has two leading sires of showjumpers in his pedigree, Ferdinand (Ferrara x Helgoland I x Indigo) and Domspatz (Domitz I x Graf x Feiner Kerl). He sired Papermoon, Well Done I, Wembley and Wendy. Wendekreis is also the dam sire of the stallion Wolkenstein II (Weltmeyer x Wendekreis x Grande) who stands at the Celle State Stud in Germany.


Kinnordy Geronimo has a double cross to Pik König through Pik Dame (Pik König x Wolfsburg x Ferdinand) and Piroschka (Pik König x Abhang II x Goldfisch II) as well as a double cross to Abhang II through Anina (Abhang II x Faruk x Pik As xx) and Abgesante (Abhang II x Goldfisch II x Assign I) on his dam line. Pik König is considered the most important son of the famous Thoroughbred sire of showjumpers, Pik As xx (Abendfrieden xx x Mirza II xx x Alford xx).


Pik König sired nineteen approved sons and twenty two State Premium mares. His offspring, such as Pirol 37 (Pik König x Ozean x Alljeda) were mainly successful in showjumping. His sire, Pik As xx stood at the Celle State Stud from 1953-69, where he sired four approved sons. Pik König is also the sire of the licensed stallions, full brothers, Pik Bube I and Pik Bube II (Pik König x Frustra II x Domspatz). In Hohnstorf, Groß Liedern and its successor station of Hanstedt II, as well as in Frankenburg, Abhang II (Abglanz x Aktionar I x Fix) produced outstanding dressage horses of great charm, rideability and quality of motions.


YouTubeView video of Kinnordy Geronimo, aged 2 days to 6 days old. View video of Kinnordy Geronimo, aged 24 and 29 days old. View video of Kinnordy Geronimo, aged 56 days (post HHSA Assessment Tour comments by Gerhard Senckenberg). View video of Kinnordy Geronimo, aged 86 days old (2 months and 27 days old).

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Kinnordy Geronimo has been sold to Charlotte Cox of Willow Vale, Queensland. He has found a wonderful home with Charlotte and Harris Park Warmbloods wish them all the best in their future competition career together!


Kinnordy Geronimo


PEDIGREE: Kinnordy Geronimo (Gymnastik Star x Winterkönig x Daktylus). (DNA parentage verification - D272151).

Registered: Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia (HHSA).


Kinnordy Geronimo

036012 01-0926-011

EA No: 60009281 (6776)



Gymnastik Star (Imp/Dec)





Creasy Calypso II
St. Pr. St. Wenita
Kinnordy Winona (Dec)

Winterkönig (Imp/Dec)

Pik Dame

Pr.M. Kinnordy Dianadorata

Daktylus (Imp/Dec)
Gina (Imp)


(Willkür, Hannover Stutenstamm 1188308 (Schridde 693))


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Gymnastik Star (Imp/Dec)


Gymnastik Star (Imp/Dec)Gymnastik Star (Imp) (Glückspilz x Calypso II x Werther), born 1993. He is a licensed Hanoverian stallion having completed his 100 Day Stallion Performance Test (HLP) in Medingen, Germany, in 1997, placing fourth overall (4/33) with a score of 123.23 points. His breathtaking movement and rideability combined with his huge jump resulted in scores of 8s and 9s in the major criteria which gave him Performance Class 1 status. His dressage index was 115.28 points (7/33) and his jumping index was 124.30 (4/33). Pictured left: Gymnastik Star (Imp/Dec). Photo: Sue Crockett Photography ©


Gymnastik Star's pedigree features the fourth generation double cross of the famous Gotthard (Goldfisch II x Amateur I x Altlobitz) and Wendekreis (Ferdinand x Domspatz x Faschist II), the refinement and elasticity enhancing abilities of the great Cor de la Bryère (Rantzau xx x Lurioso x Landau) and the reliability of the highly regarded Werther (Wendekreis x Marcio xx x Dolman) (Hanoverian of the year 1992). Gymnastik Star's progeny are easy to recognise, all with super faces, elastic movement and a captivating personality. His first progeny were born in 1999 and are winners in Australia and New Zealand and include Galanthus (Gymnastik Star x Graf Landau x Silky Baby xx) Advanced Level Dressage, Gymstar One (Gymnastik Star x Daktylus x ?) Grand Prix Dressage, Kinnordy Galera (Gymnastik Star x Pride of Kellina xx x ?) CCI** Eventer, Kinnordy Godehard (Gymnastik Star x Winterkönig x ?) CCI** Eventer, and Revelwood Monstar (Gymnastik Star x Monopol x Nobel Indian) Advanced Level Dressage.


YouTubeView Gymnastik Star jumping and under saddle.



Winterkönig (Imp/Dec)


Winterkönig (Imp/Dec)

Sire: Winterkönig (Imp/Dec) (Wörmann x Pik König x Wolfsburg), a true 'Chef de Rasse' or 'Main Sire', he was licensed and performance tested in Germany prior to be imported into Australia by Holger and Melanie Schmorl of Kinnordy Stud. Winterkönig's sire Wörmann is the founder of the most popular Warmblood bloodline in the world. For almost the last two decades this sire line has dominated Hanoverian breeding and has strongly influenced Warmblood breeding all over the World.


Main representatives of this lineage are World Cup II (Wörmann x Sender x Lugano I), Warkant (World Cup I x Grande x Pik König), Wenzel I (Wörmann x Matador x Don Carlos), Walt Disney (World Cup I x Grenadier x Dolentino), Weltmeyer (World Cup I x Absatz x Adorno), Wolkenstein II (Weltmeyer x Wendekreis x Grande), Weyden (? x ? x ?), Wolkentanz I and II (Weltmeyer x Ludendorff x Aristides), Welt Hit I and II (Weltmeyer x Hill Hawk xx x Harald).


Winterkönig's genetic make up contains a very rare threefold combination of the W x F line through Wörmann and his second and third sires on his dam line, Wolfsburg (Florentiner II x Tropenwald x Lanzer) and Ferdinand (Ferrarra x Helgoland I x Indigo), all leading back to Fling (Flingarth x King x Seerauber II), one of the pillars of Hanoverian breeding. Winterkönig's pedigree is further strengthened by his highly rated maternal sire Pik König (Pik As xx x Abhang II x Faruk), the sire of the very important Pik Bube I and II (Pik König x Frustra II x Domspatz). Winterkönig's sire Wörmann is also the grand sire of the legendary Weltmeyer (World Cup I x Absatz x Adorno).


Winterkönig sired a number of highly rated and prominent dressage horses such as Wiking (Winterkönig x Field Officer xx x Ragtime xx), representing Australia at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Rome with rider Nancy French as well as internationally successful eventers such as Waitangi Wind (Winterkönig x ? x ?) under Heelan Tompkins (NZ) and a broad band of valuable broodmares. This lovely stallion died in 2006 but has left a wonderful legacy for Australian Warmblood breeders in Australia.


Deceased 2003.



Daktylus (Imp/Dec)


Daktylus (Imp/Dec)

Dam Sire: Daktylus (Imp/Dec) (Diskus x Absatz x Monitor xx) was a grey Hanoverian stallion born in 1979. He was bred and imported to Australia by Holger and Melanie Schmorl of Kinnordy Stud. Even by today's standards, Daktylus represents what breeders want to achieve; a 'typey' and attractive horse, the result of careful infusion of outside genes, such as the Thoroughbred and Selle Français without compromising the tradition and principles of German Warmblood breeding. With his lightness and near unlimited jumping ability, he was twenty years ahead of his time.


Daktylus' life was cut short in 1993 by a mysterious illness, however he has left a legacy of successful competition horses and three licensed stallions – Destiny (Daktylus x Goldstein x Pik König), Domingo (Daktylus x Goldstein x Pik König) an Australian winner in dressage and eventing, the Grand Prix and World Cup showjumper Kinnordy D'Artagnan (Daktylus x Goldstein x Pik König) and Daley K (Daktylus x Goldstern x Lateran) (successful showjumper and sire of many winning competition horses in all disciplines and valuable broodmares who have winning progeny in all disciplines).


One of Daktylus' Australian born sons was exported to Germany where he successfully completed his stallion performance test in 1988 and in 1992 his son D'Artagnan (Daktylus x Goldstein x Pik König) passed stallion classification and performance testing in the United States conducted by the German Verband. Daktylus is also the sire of Dorfschoene (Daktylus x Goldstein x Pik König), winner of the National Warmblood Mare in 1991.


Daktylus' sire Diskus (Domspatz x Senat x Welfenschatz) sired the showjumping sensation The Natural (Diskus x Gotthard x Perser xx) who was the United States Jumping Horse of the Year in 1986 and World Champion and World Cup Winner in 1987 (with a price tag of 1.2 million dollars).


Deceased 1993.



Hannoveraner Verband

Kinnordy Stud


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