Harris Park Salienta - Warmblood Filly

Harris Park Salienta (Smash Hit x Stirling Luther x Valuta). 61 07 702 007 08 HSB (AWHA Ltd).

Dark brown filly, born 20 Dec 08, 16.0 hh - 163 cms.

Breeder: Shanna Antrim - Harris Park Warmbloods.


Sali - Revelwood, 27FEB09

Harris Park Salienta is an Australian Warmblood filly bred by Shanna Antrim of Harris Park Warmbloods. She was born on the 20th December, 2008, in Somersby, New South Wales. The name Salienta came from salient: prominent or conspicuous (easily seen or noticed; readily visible or observable/attracting special attention, as by outstanding qualities or eccentricities).


Sali is everything Harris Park Warmbloods had hoped for; an elegant filly with lovely, uphill movement. She is a superb type and is the future generation of breeding for Harris Park Warmbloods. Sali is a ½ sister to Harris Park Malmö (Dec) (Magritte x Stirling Luther x Valuta), Harris Park Répertoire (Riverside x Stirling Luther x Valuta) and Harris Park Florence (Floriscount x Stirling Luther x Valuta).


On Saturday the 7th of March, 2009, Harris Park Warmbloods presented Harris Park Salienta for the ACE Group Conformation and Movement Assessment. Salienta was awarded Elite with a score of 80.5%, with individual scores of 8 for walk, 9 for trot and 7.5 for canter. Sali placed =13th out of 190 foals assessed. Comments by Gerd Küst included, "Well proportioned, always uphill. Fine boned front legs with very good movements."


On Saturday the 29th August, 2009, Harris Park Salienta participated in the 2009 AWHA Gala Day (annual New South Wales (NSW) Branch and Agnes Banks Equine Clinic Open Warmblood Show) at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre (SIEC). Sali was entered in Class 2: Warmbloods - Halter Junior Led 2008 Season Yearling Female judged by Blas Lago. Harris Park Warmbloods would like to thank Carolyn Henley of Carolyn Henley Dressage and Performance Horses for presenting her on our behalf.


YouTubeView short video of Harris Park Salienta, aged 1 year, 10 months, 19 days.

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Harris Park Salienta has been sold to Elizabeth Nicholson of Capel, Western Australia. She has found a wonderful home with Elizabeth and Harris Park Warmbloods wish them all the best in their future together!


Harris Park Salienta

Image 1 : 14 Days Old :: Image 2 : 2 Months Old :: Image 3 : 8 Months Old - SIEC :: Image 4 : 1 Year Old


PEDIGREE: Harris Park Salienta (Smash Hit x Stirling Luther x Valuta). (DNA parentage verification - D284051).

Registered: Australian Warmblood Horse Association Limited (AWHA Ltd) Main Stud Book.

Harris Park Salienta

61 07 702 007 08 HSB

EA No: 41000015



AWHA Registration Papers

Smash Hit (Imp)

Sandro Hit Sandro Song
St.Pr.St. Rose Noir Rosenkavalier

Misty Isle Lafayette

Stirling Luther Ludendorf (Imp)
Validate Valuta (Imp)

Helmond xx



View expanded pedigree of Harris Park Salienta.



Smash Hit (Imp)


Gina Montgomery riding Smash HitSmash Hit (Imp) (Sandro Hit x Rosenkavalier x Angelo xx) is a 16.2hh, black Oldenburg stallion standing at Revelwood Warmblood Stud. Smash Hit was purchased by Amanda and David Shoobridge as a foal from Gestüt Vorwerk in Germany and left to grow up under the watchful eye of Kristy Oatley-Nist at Gestüt Grönwohldhof.


Pictured left: Smash Hit under Gina Montgomery at the Boneo Park stallion display, 2010. Photo: Berni Saunders of Cyberhorse ©.


Smash Hit's half brother Sergio Rossi (Sir Donnerhall x Rosenkavalier x Angelo xx) was licensed in 2007 in Vechta, Germany. He completed his 70 Day Stallion Performance Test (HLP) in Neustadt-Dösse in September, 2008, placing tenth overall with 106.71 points (10/28). His dressage index was 110.97 points (8/28) and his jumping index was 95.21 points (18/28). The judges gave him a 9.0 for his temperament, willingness to perform and constitution and 9.5 for his character. His walk was awarded 8.25 points, his trot 8.0 points and 9.25 points for his canter. Sergio Rossi stands with Jochen Happ in Cloppenburg, Germany. Smash Hit and Sergio Rossi's dam, St.Pr.St. Rose Noir, is a full sister to the legendary Rubinstein I and Rubinstein II.


Smash Hit was imported to Australia as a two year old in December of 2006. He was broken in May of 2007 and commenced his dressage training before a busy first breeding season. Smash Hit began training with Amanda Shoobridge under Carolyn Lieutenant but to family and stud commitments, he went on to be campaigned by Gina Montgomery of Amberwood Park. Smash Hit combines the extravagance of Sandro Hit with the highly regarded trainability of the Rubinstein line.


In 2007, Smash Hit scored 80.75% overall (79.0% for conformation and 82.5% for movement) by ACE Group tour assessor, Mr Gerd Küst. Smash Hit was the highest score for ACE Group assessed stallions by Mr Küst in 2007. In January 2010, Smash Hit was reassessed by Mr Küst and as a result is now fully licensed in the ACE Group Stallion Stud Book. Smash Hit scored 80.00% overall, with individual scores of 81.5% for conformation, 83.5% for movement, 80.0% for rideability and 75.0% for jumping.


Smash Hit's first foals were born in 2008. Smash Hit had eighteen foals assessed at the 2009 Annual ACE Group Tour. Mr Küst awarded seven of Smash Hit's foals premium and elite awards (foals scoring over 78.0%), one of which was Harris Park Salienta, scoring 80.5% overall.


On Saturday the 29th August, 2009, Smash Hit participated in the 2009 AWHA Gala Day (annual New South Wales (NSW) branch and Agnes Banks Equine Clinic Open Warmblood Show) at the Sydney International Equestrian Centre (SIEC). Smash Hit won Supreme Led Warmblood Exhibit judged by Blas Lago and Mary Triggs and Reserve Champion Ridden Warmblood judged by Mary Triggs. On Sunday the 30th August, 2009, Smash Hit passed Colt Classification and is now an approved stallion in the AWHA Ltd studbook.


YouTubeView Smash Hit at NSW AWHA Open Warmblood Show in August, 2009. View Smash Hit at Princess Nathalie Clinic held at North Kaluda Stud in September, 2009. View Smash Hit progeny (2008 - from first foal crop). View Smash Hit under saddle with Gina Montgomery at Boneo Park, 2010.


Smash Hit

Images 1 - 2 : Photo Finish Photography © :: Image 3 : Danna Lingard © :: Image 4 : Amanda Shoobridge ©



Sandro Hit


Sandro HitGrand Sire: Sandro Hit (IFS) (Sandro Song x Ramino x Welt As) was the National Young Horse Champion and Young Dressage World Champion. Sandro Hit was licensed in Neumünster, Germany in 1993. In 1999, Sandro Hit was the six year old Dressage Horse World Champion and winner at the German Federal Championships in Warendorf, Germany. In 2000, Sandro Hit was Best Young Stallion 2000. Pictured left: Sandro Hit under saddle with his former rider Dr Ulf Möller at Paul Schockemöhle's stallion show in 2006. Photo: Kiki Beelitz ©.


Sandro Hit has to date, presented more than seventy approved sons, including the champion stallion Sandrit (Sandro Hit x Mistral II x Duett). Sandrit was the 1999 Approval Winner in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-Pomerania. Other Sandro Hit sons include Sir Willson (Sandro Hit x Canaster I x Cosinus B) Zuchtverband fur deutsche Pferde (ZfDP) Champion Stallion of 2002, Stedinger (Sandro Hit x Landadel x Futuro) winner of the 2002 Oldenburg Stallion Days and Samba Hit II (Sandro Hit x Brentano II x Gotland) (Brandenburg 2004). Sommerhit (Sandro Hit x Fruhlingsbote x Adept) was runner-up in Berlin-Brandenburg and Sandro Ace (Sandro Hit x Feinbrand x Camden Town xx) became vice-champion in Oldenburg.


Sandro Hit had as many as ten licensed sons from his first foaling year and his daughter Poetin (Sandro Hit x Brentano II x Gotland) was two-time Young Horse World Champion and Young Horse National Champion. Poetin sold for a record price of 2.5 million €. Sandro Hit has the highest sire index of 153 points in Germany, with 88% predictability in his descendant's performance.


Sandro Hit's sire, Sandro Song (Sandro x Gepard x Adlerorden) was Oldenburger Champion Young Stallion and Main Premium Champion. Sandro Hit's dam Elite Stute Loretta (Ramino x Welt As x Luciano) produced the Reserve World Champion and Reserve German Young Horse Champion Diamond Hit and the premium stallion Royal Hit (Imp) (Royal Dance x Ramino x Welt As). Her sire Ramino (Ramiro x Domink x Gospodin) was Stallion Performance Test Champion and later on five times Italian Champion.


Ramino was the winner of the 1983 stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf. He was the second Reserve Champion at the Oldenburg Main Premium. In 1987, with Melanie Kötter, Ramino helped secure team gold medal at the European Championships for juniors in jumping. The years 1989-1995 with Loris Pujatti, he was five-time Italian Champion. Ramino has won many firsts and high placings in Nation's Prizes and Grand Prix. Ramino's sire Ramiro (Raimond x Cottage Son xx x Logenschliesser), was a legendary sire and jumper. Ramino's dam Dom Buche (Dominik x Gospodin x Hadrian) was a successful show jumper. Ramino was Dom Buche's third approved son in a row.


Euro Dressage - Sandro Hit euphoria at one of the best Oldenburg stallion licensings ever (2006 Oldenburg Stallion Licensing).


Sandro Hit (IFS) (Sandro Song x Ramino x Welt As) is available to Australian Warmblood breeders via frozen semen through International Horse Breeders (IHB) from Deckstation Paul Schockemöhle in Mühlen, Germany.



St Pr St Rose Noir


RosenkavalierSmash Hit's Dam Line: Smash Hit is out of the full sister to Rubinstein, St.Pr.St. Rose Noir (Rosenkavalier x Angelo xx x Donar). Her sire, Rosenkavalier (Romadour II x Dilettant x Axtfeld) was a stallion performance test winner and is considered to be one of the most significant Westphalian sires today.


St.Pr.St. Rose Noir was reared from one of the most eminent dressage dynasties world wide. Her dam Antine (Angelo xx x Donar x Meldeschein) is a full sister of the top international dressage horse Ahlerich II (Angelo xx x Donar x Meldeschein) ridden by Dr Reiner Klimke and Amon (Angelo xx x Donar x Meldeschein) ridden by Annemarie Sanders-Keyzer.


Antine produced two further stallion sons, Rubinstein II (Rosenkavalier x Angelo xx x Donar) and Rubinstein III (Rosenkavalier x Angelo xx x Donar), together with St.Pr.St. Rose Noire (Rosenkavalier x Angelo xx x Donar). Antine's full sister Adone (Angelo xx x Donar x Meldeschein) is the dam of multiple Olympic champion Rembrandt (Romadour II x Angelo xx x Donar) with Nicole Uphoff as well as the stallions Royal Angelo I (Rosenkavalier x Angelo xx x Donar) and Royal Angelo II (Rosenkavalier x Angelo xx x Donar). The top dressage horses Ramon 64 (? x ? x ?) with Uta Wusthof and Rosario (Rubinstein I x Castro x Luxus) with Sabine Ruben. The stallions Romancier (Rosenkavalier x Feuerschein I x Renaldo), Ritterstern (Rheingold x Angriff x Donar), Rhythmic Dancer (Rosenkavalier x Angriff x Donar) as well as Flower King G (Feinbrand x Rosenkavalier x Feuerschein I) and numerous other performance horses also represent this dynasty.



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