Harris Park Malmö - Warmblood Colt

Harris Park Malmö (Kleber Magritte 780 x Stirling Luther x Valuta). 61 07 702 445 07 (AWHA Ltd).

Chestnut colt, born 14 Nov 07, XX.X hh - XXX cms.

Breeder: Shanna Antrim - Harris Park Warmbloods.


Harris Park Malmö

Harris Park Malmö is an Australian Warmblood colt bred by Shanna Antrim of Harris Park Warmbloods. Unfortunately not long before Mo's birth, Lafayette contracted Equine Influenza, being stuck in the purple zone around the outer Sydney suburbs, it was almost inevitable. After great concerns for his health, he was born on the 14th November, 2007, in Agnes Banks, New South Wales. Mo was the first foal bred by Harris Park Warmbloods.


Harris Park Malmö was such a gift, born on my birthday, and was set to be my next riding horse. He is by Kleber Magritte 780 (Imp) (Magini x Cicerdon x Sweet Mahrhu xx) out of my Australian Warmblood Horse Association Limited (AWHA Ltd) Warmblood Foundation Mare, Lafayette. He is a ½ brother to Harris Park Salienta (Smash Hit x Stirling Luther x Valuta), Harris Park Répertoire (Riverside x Stirling Luther x Valuta) and Harris Park Florence (Floriscount x Stirling Luther x Valuta). He was the first foal to be bred out of my foundation mare Lafayette (Stirling Luther x Valuta x Whistling Ghost xx).


It was with a heavy heart that I had to have Mo euthanised at thirty four days old due to a corneal laceration to his near side eye. It was one of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make and I think about him often. This was a devastating and extremely disappointing beginning to breeding Warmblood horses to say the least.


Harris Park Malmö (Mo)

14NOV07 - 18DEC07

"Somewhere ... somewhere in time's own space, there must be some sweet pastured place,
Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow, some paradise where horses go.
For by the love that guides my pen, I know great horses live again."

Stanley Harrison.


PEDIGREE: Harris Park Malmö (Kleber Magritte 780 x Stirling Luther x Valuta).

Registered: Australian Warmblood Horse Association Limited (AWHA Ltd) Stud Book Appendix.


Harris Park Malmö (Dec)

61 07 702 445 07


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Kleber Magritte 780 (Imp)


Magini 695 Maraton 600
Gabinette 13129
Cindra Cicerdon 456


61 07 702 006 93 WFM

Stirling Luther

Ludendorf (Imp)


Valuta (Imp)

Helmond xx



Magritte 780


Emma Youngman & Magritte Sydney CDI 3 Star Performance Horse Stallion Show 2006Sire: Kleber Magritte 780 (Imp) (Magini 695 x Cicerdon 456 x Sweet Mahrhu xx) was bred by Margareta och Hagert Andersson and imported from Sweden to Australia in November, 1999 by Emma Youngman. Magritte is now available by frozen semen only. Please contact Amanda and David Shoobridge at Revelwood Warmblood Stud in Somersby, New South Wales, for further information.


Magritte's stallion licensing was conducted at Flyinge, the National Stud of Sweden. He won both his dressage and showjumping testing. He was originally trained by Jan Brink, who competed Björsells Briar 899, Magritte's ½ brother. Both stallions are now retired.


In 1996, Magritte was the most successful FEI horse in Sweden. Upon arrival to Australia, under owner-rider Emma Youngman, he placed third in the Australian Dressage Championships, qualifying him for the European Championships. Picture (above): Emma Youngman riding Magritte at Sydney CDI 3 Star Performance Horse Stallion Show 2006. Photo: Berni Saunders (Cyberhorse) ©.


Magini 695


Magini 695Grand Sire: Magini (Maraton 600 x Ganesco 503 x Obelisk) is a Premium Elite Stallion (value letter: E) bred in Sweden by Ingvar Folkesson and born in 1982. He is currently owned by Mona Nilsson of southern Sweden.


Magini has passed down excellent performance qualities to his offspring and has proven valuable in breeding and in sport.  His offspring have achieved satisfactory results at FEI or Grand Prix level in at least one discipline.


Magini was a successful Grand Prix showjumper whose wins include the Falsterbo International Horse Show Derby (speed and handiness) with Rolf Göran Bengtsson in 1994. He sired the approved stallions Björsells Briar 899 and Kleber Magritte 780.


Both Briar and Magritte have competed up to Grand Prix level dressage. Briar was the world's highest ranked dressage stallion for seven years (not consecutive). Magini's best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP) index was 113 for conformation, 122 for gaits, 130 for jumping, giving him a final BLUP index of 122. Picture (above left): Magini 695. Photo courtesy of Bo Crabo - Grey Crow Farm ©.


Maraton 600


Maraton 600Magritte's Grand Sire: Maraton (Dec) (Utrillo 432 x Caracas 403 x Fairey xx) is an premium elite stallion (value letter: B) and was graded elite for extraordinary progeny. He was bred in Sweden by Brita Wehtje and born in 1976. Maraton was owned by Flyinge, the National Stud of Sweden.


Maraton was a stallion that was under examination who had good results from his performance test, but had not yet completed his individual testing. He competed at S-Level (Advanced) showjumping.


Maraton's best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP) index was 124 for conformation (correctness of legs 122), 126 for gaits in hand whilst 127 for gaits (127 for walk, 115 for trot, 117 for canter and 127 for his temperament) and 114 for jumping, giving him a final BLUP index of 122. Picture (above left): Maraton 600. Photo courtesy of Bo Crabo - Grey Crow Farm ©.


Corneal Laceration


Tuesday 4th December, 2007 - after closer investigation, I could see a vertical line straight through the centre of Mo's eye, with cloudiness surrounding the laceration. Being an eye, there was no hesitation in contacting the vet, who came out immediately and conducted an assessment (which resulted in floating Mo to the veterinary clinic). The following morning Mo was sedated to get a better look at his eye, check for debris and conduct an in-depth assessment.


Mo eye Mo had somehow lacerated his eye, which nearly perforated his iris. He had sliced across and directly inwards to the rear of his eye, creating a flap. This flap was removed which left a slight gouge in his eye. This gouge would repair itself in time.


For a little while we were optimistic that he would retain sight in his left eye and at worse have a fine white line (scar) on his eye. Unfortunately his eye got infected, the cloudiness surrounding the eye grew and things went from bad to worse (pictured left).


Mo Iris PlugDue to infection, Mo grew a corneal plug (pictured left) and his eye was about to rupture. The photograph does not represent a 3D representation, but what appears to be the pupil is actually a plug that protruded out of his eye by approximately ½ a centimeter.


Mo was in a lot of pain and a decision had to be made. My options were to remove the eye or have him euthanised. Unfortunately, removal of the eye was not an option so the latter was the result. This was an extremely difficult decision to make.


Dissection of his eye afterwards confirmed the state of his eye. His eye was full of pus and there was nothing that could have been done to save his eye. The diagnosis was correct. On Tuesday 18th December 2007, only thirty four days old, Mo's suffering ended. Mo was 68kg on arriving at Agnes Banks Equine Clinic and was 90kg just prior to his death.



Avel and Tävlings Resultat (Breeding and Competition Results)/Best Linear Unbiased Prediction (BLUP)

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