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Welcome to Harris Park Warmbloods and thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and what I hope to achieve with my Warmblood breeding in Australia. Below is a brief outline of my introduction to Warmblood horses, my goals with my breeding program, the care and management of my horses, and my future direction with breeding.


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VaudevilleWarmblood horses. My introduction to Warmblood horses was in 1992 as a young teenager. From that point on my interest in horses was directed towards Warmbloods and the primary Olympic disciplines of dressage, eventing and show jumping. In 1993 I was fortunate enough to be given my first Warmblood horse, a grey gelding named Vaudeville (Valuta x Goree King xx x Vibrant xx) followed by my AWHA Ltd Warmblood Foundation Mare Lafayette (Stirling Luther x Valuta x Whistling Ghost xx) in 1998. Pictured left: Vaudeville with my old Part Bred Arabian Djemur Legionaire (Polo Da Raggia xx x Tarrangower Khibrah ox x Waverly Royal Court). Photo: Harris Park Warmbloods ©


Warmblood breeding. I have always had a strong interest in Warmblood breeding and bloodlines and in 2006 I started researching prospective stallions for Lafayette. I found this task difficult and disjointed and through this frustration I started Warmbloods Australia to assist other Australian Warmblood breeders as well as myself with stallions available to Australian Warmblood breeders. After much research and consideration I decided to breed Lafayette to the imported Swedish Warmblood stallion Kleber Magritte 780 (Imp) (Magini x Cicerdon x Sweet Mahrhu xx), hoping to obtain his scope, active hind leg and expression. In 2007 I was presented with a lovely chestnut colt, Harris Park Malmö, who was bred to be my next riding horse. Unfortunately due to injury he was euthanised at thirty four days old.


Harris Park MalmöPictured right: Harris Park Malmö and I at Agnes Banks Veterinary Clinic on 07 Dec 07. Photo: Harris Park Warmbloods ©


Although a devastating and extremely disappointing beginning to breeding Warmblood horses, I continued to breed with Lafayette having her put in foal to the imported Oldenburger stallion Smash Hit (Imp) (Sandro Hit x Rosenkavalier x Angelo xx) which resulted in my first filly, Harris Park Salienta. Lafayette has since had two more foals, Harris Park Répertoire (by Riverside) and Harris Park Florence (by Floriscount).


Harris Park Florence was Lafayette's last foal and she is now retired from stud duties. Her two daughters Harris Park Salienta and Harris Park Florence will be used to continue her bloodlines in my breeding program. I am extremely pleased with what Lafayette has produced for me. In October of 2010, I extended my broodmare base by purchasing the Hanoverian mare Kinnordy Winona (Winterkönig x Daktylus x Goldstein) from Holger and Melanie Schmorl of Kinnordy Stud. She has already produced two lovely colts, Kinnordy Geronimo (Gymnastik Star x Winterkönig x Daktylus), in 2011, and Harris Park Freestyler (Floriscount x Winterkönig x Daktylus) in 2013, and two stunning fillies, Harris Park Riordan (ET) (Riverside x Winterkönig x Daktylus), in 2012, and Harris Park Odette (ET) (OO Seven x Winterkönig x Daktylus) in 2013.


Revelwood Highlite under David Shoobridge

In September, 2011, I took a major step forward in my breeding program, purchasing two embryos from Revelwood Warmblood Stud's finest imported mares using their 'designer foal' option. My first breeding was using the imported, premium licensed and performance tested Oldenburger stallion Quando-Quando (Imp) (Quattro B x Akzent II x Matador) with Revelwood's imported Elite Hanoverian Mare E.M. Revelwood Highlite (Imp) (His Highness x Grundstein I x Black Sky xx). This combination of breeding resulted in a beautiful, black colt I named HPW Quaser RW. Quaser will be retained by Harris Park Warmbloods being considered as a stallion prospect.


Pictured above right: Pr.M. Revelwood Highlite (Imp) (His Highness x Grundstein I x Black Sky xx) under saddle with David Shoobridge of Revelwood Warmblood Stud. Photo: Revelwood Warmblood Stud ©


My second breeding utilised the premium licensed and performance tested Oldenburger stallion Diamond Hit (IFS) (Don Schufro x Ramino x Welt As) with Revelwood's imported Verband Premium Oldenburger mare V.Pr.St. Revelwood Daylite (Imp) (Donnerschwee x Sandro Hit x Karon). This combination of breeding resulted in a beautiful, dark brown colt I named HPW Dunham RW. Dunham will be retained by Harris Park Warmbloods being considered as a stallion prospect.


In October, 2013, I purchased another embryo from V.Pr.St. Revelwood Daylite. She was bred to the 2012 KWPN Performance Test Champion Everdale (IFS) (Lord Leatherdale x Negro x El Corona). My embryo transfer foal is due approximately 13 Oct 14 and will be retained by the stud. I am extremely pleased with my foals and grateful to Revelwood Warmblood Stud for allowing Australian breeders such as myself to utilise their beautiful mares.


Scolari (IFS)A lot of research has gone and continues to go into my breeding program with a large focus on performance pedigrees to ensure quality movement, conformation, type, scope and rideability in my progeny. Great emphasis is placed on my mares in conjunction with the corresponding stallions, assessing my mares strengths and weaknesses along with that of the stallions to guarantee quality progeny for the Olympic disciplines of dressage, eventing and show jumping.


Pictured right: Scolari (IFS) (Sandro Hit x De Niro x Weltmeyer) at a private stallion presentation in Verden, Germany, on 05 Feb 11. Photo: Tammo Ernst ©


All female progeny bred by Harris Park Warmbloods are classified by the Australian Warmblood Horse Association Limited (AWHA Ltd) along with all male progeny being gelded prior to sale. All broodmares are registered and have been classified with the AWHA Ltd, Hanoverian Horse Society of Australia (HHSA) or recognised overseas Warmblood breed societies. All stallions utilised in my breeding program have either been licensed and performance tested with recognised overseas Warmblood breed societies or classified in Australia with the AWHA Ltd.


I value the AWHA Ltd as a Warmblood breed society as it is an 'A' class member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH) which ensures pedigrees of registered AWHA Ltd horses are accepted by other overseas breed societies. The WBFSH is the major connection between the breeding organisations of sport horses and the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI). Also, the AWHA Ltd allows multiple Warmblood breeds such as the Dutch Warmblood (KWPN), Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Oldenburger and Trakehner, which provides me as a breeder greater flexibility and diversity to access a larger gene pool with my Warmblood breeding program, "Breeding the best from the best."


Harris Park Répertoire

Pictured left: Harris Park Répertoire (Riverside x Stirling Luther x Valuta) and I on 26 Dec 09. Photo: Harris Park Warmbloods ©


Administration and care. The administration and care of all horses at Harris Park Warmbloods is paramount. All my horses receive the individual attention they deserve which includes administrative aspects. All my foals are registered with the AWHA Ltd in the Studbook Appendix; therefore all fillies are eligible for mare classification and all colts are eligible for colt selection.


Harris Park Warmbloods has two prefixes and one suffix reserved with the AWHA Ltd. Prefixes Harris Park and HPW and suffix HPW. I also have an M series three piece brand and symbol brand registered with the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (QLD DPI). All progeny are sedated and freeze branded with my symbol brand, their reference number and last figure of their season of foaling, and with the AWHA Ltd "W" brand. All foals are also DNA typed (parentage verification to BOTH parents) and microchipped. DNA typing provides assurance of the validity of the assumed parents of my horses which is important both as a breeder and as a potential purchaser.


My mares are vaccinated for tetanus and strangles one month prior and wormed two weeks prior to their expected foaling date. All foals also have an IgG test within the first twenty four hours to ensure adequate passive transfer of immunoglobulins (Ig) from the mare to the foal including an Equivac® TAT injection. Pictured below left: Harris Park Salienta (Smash Hit x Stirling Luther x Valuta) at Revelwood Warmblood Stud on 27 Feb 09. Photo: Photo Finish Photography ©


Harris Park Salienta

My foals are regularly handled, trimmed and wormed; prerequisites required for youngsters to ensure happy owners throughout their life. All my foals are wormed from six weeks of age, every six weeks with Equimax® Elevation until two years of age when they commence the Equimax®/Strategy-T® rotational worming program as recommended by Virbac Animal Health Australia. From twelve weeks of age my foals commence and continue the recommended Zoetis vaccination program for horses. All horses at Harris Park Warmbloods are also vaccinated against Hendra virus (HeV).


All broodmares, foals and youngstock are fed Mitavite Breeda®, Lucerne and Rhodes Grass hay and are supplemented as required. Breeda® has been scientifically formulated to promote optimum, balanced growth and to overcome the problems associated with raising young horses on less than perfect pasture. Critical to the success of Breeda® is the essential amino acid profile and the positive impact that this has on the development of lean muscle, strong tendons and smooth flat bone. This, coupled with the delivery of highly digestible energy, vitamins and minerals in a steam extruded, palatable nugget, assists in limiting peaks in blood sugars often associated with bone developmental problems.


Harris Park Warmbloods' attending veterinarian is Dr Ian Wilbraham, B.V.Sc. (Peak Crossing Veterinary Services). Ian and his wife Helen own and operate Wilway Stud in Mutdapilly, Queensland. They oversee the care, veterinary treatment and breeding of their own stock in conjunction with running their mixed veterinary practice. My attending blacksmith and farrier is Arnold Dobbe (Australian Farriers and Blacksmiths Association). Arnold is a Queensland government accredited farrier having attained a Certificate III in Farriery at Scone TAFE and also has a Diploma of Farriery with the Worshipful Company of Farriers (DipWCF) in the United Kingdom. Oakey Veterinary Hospital (OVH) is used for all reproductive requirements. Dr David Pascoe B.V.Sc., PhD. and Veterinary Nurse, Sonya Plant, are based at Oakey, near Toowoomba, in Queensland. OVH has been operating since 1952.


Continued learning. Breeding is my passion and has provided me with many highs and lows, set backs and rewards. I am a current member of the AWHA Ltd, Equestrian Queensland and the Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC). I enjoy meeting other breeders and riders and learning from their experiences. In turn, this knowledge allows me to evaluate and improve my own breeding program. I am currently a Director on the AWHA Ltd Federal Board (also performing the role of Federal Publicity Officer) as well as the AWHA Queensland Branch President and Publicity Officer. I take great pride in the AWHA Ltd and I am pleased to be a valued member of this Australian Warmblood horse association.


Belcam AaccentPictured right: Belcam Aaccent (Aachen x Falkland x Monopol) and I on 19 July 2009 at Moggill, Queensland. Photo: Harris Park Warmbloods ©


The future for Harris Park Warmbloods. My goal is to breed quality, purpose bred Australian Warmblood performance horses out of my mares with the resultant female progeny being classified in to the Head Stud Book (HSB) of the AWHA Ltd. From here I wish to have them compete to obtain their Elite status as well as using them in future breeding, providing quality Australian Warmblood performance horse progeny out of Elite AWHA Ltd registered mares for discerning Australian competitors.


I would also like to educate and encourage Australian riders and breeders to see the potential in the Australian Warmblood, enabling them to excel both nationally and internationally on a larger scale. After all, aren't all Warmblood horses bred in Australia an Australian Warmblood...?


AWHA Ltd Head Stud Book mares are eligible for promotion to the Elite Stud Book upon fulfillment of one of three performance options*:


  • Achieve a score of 60% in an EA Novice dressage test and place first, second or third in a D Grade show jumping competition; or
  • Place first, second or third in Pre Novice eventing; or
  • Gain grading points in C Grade show jumping or Medium dressage.


* Refer to the AWHA Ltd Breeding Guidelines for further information.


Unfortunately, due to ongoing medical issues I am no longer riding. Therefore, my focus is on breeding and handling the youngstock and, when money permits, I will employ full time, professional handlers and riders to campaign my horses that I have bred and retained.


Above all, I aim to breed Australian Warmblood horses that are a pleasure to own and ride, and are suitable for amateur and professional riders in the Olympic disciplines of dressage, eventing and show jumping. I will be incorporating jumping blood into my dressage bloodlines to retain a quality canter, strong back and hind end power, and dressage blood into my jumping bloodlines to ensure they retain their manoeuvrability and agility. I take great pride in my breeding program and my horses. I am passionate and committed to breeding quality, dynamic Australian Warmblood horses with elegance, scope, correct conformation and rideability as well as having outstanding movement and jumping ability.


If you have any questions about my breeding program or Warmblood horses, please do not hesitate to contact me. Visitors are always welcome by appointment.


Kind regards,




Shanna Antrim.

Proprietor, Harris Park Warmbloods.


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